My Story


My Story

I started Old Line Angling to share my experiences and passion for fly fishing and conservation.  Angling is a meditative experience for me and is a significant part of my mental health upkeep.  I wanted to create a platform that encourages and inspires others to start or continue their pursuit of life on the water while learning about and participating in valuable conservation efforts.

My Mission

At Old Line Angling, my mission is to provide valuable information and resources to help people get outside and find a moment of peace on a river or stream.  You may be an avid angler, but Old Line Angling is here to help anyone seeking an introduction to fly fishing for beginners.  We’re developing data-driven fishing insights and an application to assist fly fishers and conservationists around the United States.  We also post stories and insights about fly fishing in general and conservation activities around the country that impact local rivers and streams..

My Approach

When my parents brought me to an Orvis store for a fly-tying class, I was nine.  It was love at first sight, and my passion for the outdoors, fly fishing, and conservation has only grown since then.  These are passions of mine, but they are also vital to my mental health.  I hope to help my readers and viewers find approaches to streams and rivers as quickly as I do, and I am here to help.